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An upcoming exploration platformer.


You have been hired to steal information out of an ancient library. Sounds easy, except that:

  • You didn't prepare. You didn't study the language of the library, and the book contents are completely unreadable for you
  • You REALLY didn't prepare. The only equipment you thought to bring was your packed lunch (4 strawberries)
  • there's a vicious giant owl guarding the library


Hi, thanks for checking out my game! It was originally created over 11 days for the GDN Book Jam. Since then, many more changes have been made and the updated version will eventually be released! Follow the game to receive dev blog updates.

Updates are also posted on Twitter: https://twitter.com/splopp/status/1575042989269061634

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Hey, its June from PGF. You played my game Frostbitten and here I am checking out what you made. Hit me up if you need someone to play test this game any time soon :)

Hey! Was great to check out your game last Saturday. I'll definitely let you know when the next test build for OTS is out - maybe in a couple of weeks or so.

I found a link to the dithering article I mentioned: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=40832.msg1363742#msg1363742 not sure if it'll be useful for your current project but I think it's worth reading regardless!


Somehow this isn't improving my literacy level. :D

  • The lighting effect does look nice.
  • Might be nice to have a hint about using strawberries to push ladders (as it's not very intuitive, haha).
  • I think the owls should pause while you're reading a book or the shrine. They're especially bad when hidden by the book.

Good point about the ladders, will look into making it a bit more obvious / easier to discover.

Originally I was thinking that the owls should disturb you while reading the books to add to the challenge, but I agree that it's pretty frustrating. I reckon if the owls' behaviour is updated to make it harder to actually get to the books, but they pause while you're actually reading, it could keep the difficulty level up while reducing how frustrating / unfair the game feels. Will play around with it

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!