Hello! Your mission is to save the whales (thirty of them to be precise). Whales are falling from the sky and it's up to you to catch them on your badly-drawn mattress.


  • A and D to move the whales
  • A and D to move the mattress
  • Escape to pause the game

You score a point for each millimetre high your whale stack is.
Each whale you stack is worth up to 1000 points. Each brick that hits the whale reduces this by 100 points.

Things that would improve the game

  • More accurate stacking (less clipping, easier to stack)
  • No limit on whales (think about how Super Avalanche may have done this)
  • Add the real ending (the mattress is carried to a beach, and all the whales are chucked back in)
  • Characterisation / story: You play as an activist who saves whales. The antagonist is just a normal guy with two things: a severe hatred for whales, and an infinite number of bricks. One day the antagonist looks up to see a bunch of whales falling from the sky and says to himself, "I know what I must do".
  • Volume control
  • "Best score" saved between attempts
  • More varied screaming
  • Bricks clinking together when they hit each other
  • Loud text feedback when landing a whale (e.g. 1000 points! -100 -100 -100)
  • Sound when whale falls (earthquake and falling buildings)

More information

Published 11 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbonus-whales, brick, bricks, Physics, too-many-bricks, tower-stack, vertical-scroll, whale
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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That music is so perfect XD

Now if only the gameplay was as good... thanks for playing :D

haha it's pretty good. Good luck with the results :)