Version 2.0

Now that the jam voting period is over, I'm releasing the new version of the game which fixes some bugs and adds a partial control remapping screen. Details below:

  • Add Controls menu to title screen. Can remap "left", "right", "forward" and "back".
  • Fix: On-fire money now uses the right graphics (used to show pink for all notes)
  • Change: Huge performance increase related to background coins (old approach: when a coin lands, recreate the coin image by generating a new graphic complete with .ToArray() call; new approach: set the pixel colour where relevant)
  • Change: Use non-fixed timestep and manually control physics resolutions (again, for performance reasons)
  • Fix: Game could be frozen (e.g. clicking a dragging the title bar), then when unfrozen would count all elapsed time, effectively allowing any stage to be completed with no effort
  • Fix: Memory leak - sound effect objects were not being removed
  • Fix: Memory leak - temporary Texture2D graphics were not being removed

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Feb 26, 2018

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